Golf Coaching

Coaching Methods

Tims Coaching is Based around years of Research on Human Movement and the function of the mechanical aspects of biological systems, Simply put, Tim will conduct 6 base measurements in your first lesson, that will determine your power source, and the best way way for you to create speed, and return the club to square, he will also outline your desired swing plane, including shaft plane, shoulder plane and right arm plane, how you should hinge the club, what leg you should turn around, your foot flare, stance width, grip and assist in injury prevention                          

Elite Coaching and Training Plans

Tim Currently coaches several Touring Professionals, as well as elite Amateurs

Recently results pre covid for Professional Clients Terry Pilkadaris finished 2ND in the NZ Open, shooting 25 under par and Josh Younger won the NSW Open, finished 7th in Victorian Open, with a final day 65 and last year he lost the NZ PGA Championship in a playoff, as well as impressive finishes in the Perth Super 6, and Victorian PGA, And QLD Open. Tim has worked with 45 different Professionals and 13 Trainee Professionals this year already

Tim coaches a host of up and coming juniors, and was holding a Junior competition every second Saturday at growling frog at 3 pm, for his clients only

Elite players are asked to apply via email to outlining what your looking for in a coach, injury history, coaching history, playing record, ambitions, strengths and weakness and anything else to help get the best plan of attack required.

Training Plans

After 5 years in the Victorian Institute of sport,

11 years on Professional Tours as a player,

and several years now helping some

of Australia's brightest talents. Helping my 

students train correctly is one of my strongest

beliefs and assets, this can easily be

incorporated to any session